02 October 2007

Universal Health Care

For many Americans, it is either difficult or impossible to get health care because they either carry little insurance or none at all. A Universal Health Care system in the U.S. would fix this problem. Proponents say that it allows all to receive health care, no matter what income level or injury you have. Opponents blast that the coverage is inadequate and wait times are too long.

Many developed countries across the world have some sort of Universal Health Care. In fact, the United States is one of the few developed countries that does not offer free medical care. In the U.K., the health system is primarily funded by taxation, while conversely, Canada's health system is funded through taxes, yet at least 30% is paid through the private sector or individuals.

I know that American's don't like to be taxed, in fact, I bet you can ask pretty much any one in the world and the answer would be the same. In this instance, I believe that the U.S. could possibly reduce income taxes and basically create a Universal Health Care tax, in which all medical charges would be paid through.

Of course this would really throw the system we have in place into an upheaval. Doctors are used to making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. How would this affect their salaries? I'm sure that they would have to decline. Some of these salaries are outrageous. Although, I know a lot of this ends up as malpractice insurance and also helps to offset the costs of medical school, but past that, it is all money in their pocket.

I believe that medical care is one thing that should be given to all citizens as a protection of their government. If we can't properly care for our citizens, who will we have left?

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