19 October 2007

Out on deployment

One thing I've never really mentioned in here is that I am in the United States Air Force. I never thought it really needed to be mentioned, but now I am mentioning it because I will deploying within the next few days and posts will be sporadic for a while until I can get a good rhythm going. I know I don't have that many readers, but those that I do have, I wanted to make sure that you were aware of my posting had stopped for a bit.

I hope to be up and running soon, take care.

17 October 2007

Want to stay fit?

For most people, keeping fit is very difficult and takes dedication and initiative. You find yourself making excuses as to why you can't go to the gym and little by little you eventually stop going altogether.

But when you do go, you like the rush that you get after a great workout. You like seeing the positive results that you get. For some the results may not be as great, but that may be because they are not using the right exercises.

Enter in, CrossFit.com. This website shows you how to perform exercises correctly, what the exercises are good for and lists how they are effective. There is a long list of exercises available, so you'll find various different ones for your needs.

CrossFit.com even has a section for children as well. This section will keep kids active while keeping them physically fit. Give CrossFit a try for yourself and see how well you can do!

14 October 2007

Sound Barrier Broken

Prior to 1947, not many thought that the sound barrier could be broken. Many believed that it was a barrier that could not be surpassed; that is until Bell created the X-1. Chuck Yeager was selected as the pilot of the X-1 after Bell's own test pilot demanded money (presumably for insurance) before flying.

While I do believe it takes great skill to fly an airplane, I don't like to give that much credit to Chuck Yeager. If it wasn't him flying the plane, it would have been someone else. If the X-1 were to have crashed, then another aircraft would have been built and another pilot used. I see the technology here as the big winner, but a lot of people look past that.

Many other pilots and planes went on to compete as the fastest in the world, but on this day in history in 1947, the X-1 was king.

13 October 2007

Gay Rights Around the Corner?

A recent poll has revealed that 50% of straight people feel that gays should have the same rights as everyone else. Although the release does not reveal who conducted the poll, but claims that 2,000 people were polled.

Many gave religious reasons for not speaking more openly for gays, even though they feel that they should have equal rights.

Being religious myself, I feel that every person in America should receive the same rights, no matter what their sexual orientation, race, or gender. I know it is not the religious standard to give gays rights, but our laws should not be based on religious preferences. It is stated that we should have a separation of church and state.

I don't see gays getting equal rights in the near future, but possibly in 5 to 10 years. What are your thoughts on the matter? Leave a comment!

12 October 2007

BBW Nude Appreciation

Spock, er...excuse me, Leonard Nimoy has created a book called the Full Body Project which shows an appreciation for all those not a size 2. Actually, from the looks of the pictures (NSFW), it looks as if the the appreciation is for those above a size 12. In fact, Mr. Nimoy insists that his models meet a required weight.

I applaud Leonard's efforts, as I think that many woman have a complex about their weight or size from how women are portrayed in our society. This book won't really change the American culture, but hopefully it will be able to make a few people change the views on the "ideal" size of a woman.

Some people prefer skinny or athletic girls, but there are some out there that prefer those with something more to them. A lot of these men are afraid to step up and testify to their preference, which is another reason why I think women think that being a little chubby is bad.

Overall, I believe that the size of models should change and actually extend up to size 12 or so and not have size 0 or 2 women leading the way. Most normal women (even the ones that keep in shape) are nowhere near a size 2. I would like to see this movement gain some ground and have some people take an interest.

10 October 2007

Patriots vs. Cowboys

The battle of the unbeaten. Neither team has managed a loss so far this season, but Dallas tried to give the game against Buffalo away last week. New England has a very potent offense, with Tom Brady leading the league with a 128.7 passer rating and Randy Moss topping all receivers with 551 receiving yards. But don't count out the Cowboy's defense; Anthony Henry leads with four picks this season.

Although New England may have a very competent Quarterback/Wide Receiver duo, Dallas still edges them out in Yards Per Game (YPG), with 429.6 yards versus 427.8. Despite Tom Brady's great arm, most of the Patriot's yards come on the ground, while the Cowboy's are the opposite, choosing to take to the air more.

The defense for Dallas will need to step up this week. Being a home game for them will be a big help, but the front defensive line will need to step it up and surge into the backfield to create pressure for QB Tom Brady. One downside to this is that the secondary needs to be in place, because Tom Brady is not one to get flustered by pressure in the pocket. Dallas will need to have the receivers covered as well, otherwise Tom Brady will pick them apart.

Even though New England hasn't showed signs of weakness this season, I really believe that Dallas will give them a run for their money and will edge out the Patriots by 6 points. The game will air at 4:15 P.M. (EST) on CBS.

08 October 2007

Send Voice Email from Your Phone

Have you ever been somewhere and needed to write something down, but only to find out that you have nothing to write with? Welcome to Jott. This free service allows you to call a toll-free number to send yourself a message to your email, or just set a reminder. There are many uses for this service. Check the link and let me know what you think!

06 October 2007

Free phone headset

Have you ever found yourself driving and talking on your cell phone? Wouldn't it be nice to have a headset to use with your phone? Well, if you head on over to FreeHeadset.org, you can! For just the price of shipping ($3.94), you can have a headset for your phone.

This is not an advertisement! I just received an email from a friend who said that they saw Rachael Ray talking about this on her show. I've already placed the order for mine, now I'm just awaiting for it to arrive.

The website says they are doing this in the interest of public safety, and from the research I have done, it looks as if this is a legitimate website and company. The owner says that he pretty much breaks even.

Give it a shot and get your free headset.

04 October 2007

Mall Living

Imagine if you can, your own apartment above your favorite mall. For 36 year old Michael Townsend, it was more than a dream. With the help of seven friends, they created a 750-square-foot loft above the mall parking garage. While living up there for up to three weeks at a time, the hidden bungalow lacked basic running water and sewage.

The group was able to keep the loft hidden for four years, accumulating a T.V., game system, couch, love seat, and dishes. They built a simple cinderblock wall with a door to keep them separated from the outside world. Michael was arrested this past Wednesday on trespassing charges. He was released on probation. Mr. Townsend released an apology on his website that thanked the police and security teams in their professionalism and "good humor".

I applaud Michael's efforts, even if they were illegal. I would like to see a documentary on this sort of living, and the trials that they went through.


02 October 2007

Universal Health Care

For many Americans, it is either difficult or impossible to get health care because they either carry little insurance or none at all. A Universal Health Care system in the U.S. would fix this problem. Proponents say that it allows all to receive health care, no matter what income level or injury you have. Opponents blast that the coverage is inadequate and wait times are too long.

Many developed countries across the world have some sort of Universal Health Care. In fact, the United States is one of the few developed countries that does not offer free medical care. In the U.K., the health system is primarily funded by taxation, while conversely, Canada's health system is funded through taxes, yet at least 30% is paid through the private sector or individuals.

I know that American's don't like to be taxed, in fact, I bet you can ask pretty much any one in the world and the answer would be the same. In this instance, I believe that the U.S. could possibly reduce income taxes and basically create a Universal Health Care tax, in which all medical charges would be paid through.

Of course this would really throw the system we have in place into an upheaval. Doctors are used to making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. How would this affect their salaries? I'm sure that they would have to decline. Some of these salaries are outrageous. Although, I know a lot of this ends up as malpractice insurance and also helps to offset the costs of medical school, but past that, it is all money in their pocket.

I believe that medical care is one thing that should be given to all citizens as a protection of their government. If we can't properly care for our citizens, who will we have left?

01 October 2007

Child Identity Crisis?

While public schools have taken a hit from the No Child Left Behind act, some are becoming involved in a battle involving student privacy. With this one might think about the student's rights while in school, but something new is emerging: biometrics.

Biometrics is a way of uniquely recognizing humans based upon one or more intrinsic physical or behavioral traits. Basically, it is a way to identify a person based on a fingerprint scan, retina scan, or facial recognition. Although there are many other methods these are very popular.

The school district in Boulder, Colorado wanted to find a quicker way to get children through the lunch line. Fingerprint scanners were brought up as a possible solution as it would be easier for the younger children who would have a hard time remembering a six digit PIN number. Parents were outraged at this proposal. Activists believe that the information stored in the database about a person's biometrics could be compromised and lead problems such as identity theft or being unfairly tracked by the government.

Some schools use fingerprint scanners to allow students to check in for class. This allows for a more accurate count, while allowing the instructor to dedicate time to other duties. Some States have already enacted laws barring the use of biometrics in the classroom, such as Michigan and Iowa.

Personally, I really don't see where the problem lies. This is a quick, efficient and easy solution to some schools problems involving attendance and accountability. While I understand that some people don't like their personal information being stored, at this point, what could someone use their fingerprint data to access?

I understand that if someone had my fingerprint data from when I attended school and I ever became a person of importance that they may be able to use this information if fingerprint scanners ever became common place. As of right now though, I see any of our biometrics as being just as important as our Social Security number, and many people let that number fly around more often than they should.

I feel as long as the information is stored securely, by a reputable company, there should be no problems. Like I stated above, many people shout out their Social Security number to clerks at shopping malls and retail stores when applying for credit, while trusting the clerk that they will not use the information later. Fingerprints will be more secure, yet not completely free from abuse.

Any method you use will be subject to abuse in some form or another. It is up to everyone to help each other find the best method that works with minimal abuse.