14 October 2007

Sound Barrier Broken

Prior to 1947, not many thought that the sound barrier could be broken. Many believed that it was a barrier that could not be surpassed; that is until Bell created the X-1. Chuck Yeager was selected as the pilot of the X-1 after Bell's own test pilot demanded money (presumably for insurance) before flying.

While I do believe it takes great skill to fly an airplane, I don't like to give that much credit to Chuck Yeager. If it wasn't him flying the plane, it would have been someone else. If the X-1 were to have crashed, then another aircraft would have been built and another pilot used. I see the technology here as the big winner, but a lot of people look past that.

Many other pilots and planes went on to compete as the fastest in the world, but on this day in history in 1947, the X-1 was king.

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