04 October 2007

Mall Living

Imagine if you can, your own apartment above your favorite mall. For 36 year old Michael Townsend, it was more than a dream. With the help of seven friends, they created a 750-square-foot loft above the mall parking garage. While living up there for up to three weeks at a time, the hidden bungalow lacked basic running water and sewage.

The group was able to keep the loft hidden for four years, accumulating a T.V., game system, couch, love seat, and dishes. They built a simple cinderblock wall with a door to keep them separated from the outside world. Michael was arrested this past Wednesday on trespassing charges. He was released on probation. Mr. Townsend released an apology on his website that thanked the police and security teams in their professionalism and "good humor".

I applaud Michael's efforts, even if they were illegal. I would like to see a documentary on this sort of living, and the trials that they went through.


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