10 October 2007

Patriots vs. Cowboys

The battle of the unbeaten. Neither team has managed a loss so far this season, but Dallas tried to give the game against Buffalo away last week. New England has a very potent offense, with Tom Brady leading the league with a 128.7 passer rating and Randy Moss topping all receivers with 551 receiving yards. But don't count out the Cowboy's defense; Anthony Henry leads with four picks this season.

Although New England may have a very competent Quarterback/Wide Receiver duo, Dallas still edges them out in Yards Per Game (YPG), with 429.6 yards versus 427.8. Despite Tom Brady's great arm, most of the Patriot's yards come on the ground, while the Cowboy's are the opposite, choosing to take to the air more.

The defense for Dallas will need to step up this week. Being a home game for them will be a big help, but the front defensive line will need to step it up and surge into the backfield to create pressure for QB Tom Brady. One downside to this is that the secondary needs to be in place, because Tom Brady is not one to get flustered by pressure in the pocket. Dallas will need to have the receivers covered as well, otherwise Tom Brady will pick them apart.

Even though New England hasn't showed signs of weakness this season, I really believe that Dallas will give them a run for their money and will edge out the Patriots by 6 points. The game will air at 4:15 P.M. (EST) on CBS.

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