19 December 2007

Top 10 Geek Movies

10. While this probably isn't a true geek movie, it still had quite a following. Killer Klowns from Outer Space was a hilarious attempt at a horror flick. If you're looking for a horror movie that has the same feel as "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", then this movie is for you.

9. As much as he annoyed us, Pee-wee Herman seemed to fit the bill when it came to nerds. We all seemed to hate him out loud, but deep inside we had a desire to keep watching this movie again and again. So, Pee-wee's Big Adventure comes in at number 9 in my Top 10 Geek Movies list.

8. While these guys were never nerds or geeks, they sure were outcasts, and therefore fall into the same category. Plus, who can fault a bunch of high school guys for trying to get into a strip club? Porky's comes alo
ng with two sequels and a fair amount of female nudity. If you've never seen these classics, take the time to rent these.

7. Of course, this movie is a fan of many. The 40 Year Old Virgin not only has some great comedy, but also some gratuitous nudity. Andy is a geek who hasn't had sex in his entire life. His friends push him towards sex, but he ends up finding romance instead.

6. Summer school was never this exciting when I went, but this group of students makes class exciting. Then again, the teacher had just as much fun. Summer School has a lot of great comedy with
a young Courtney Thorne Smith and Kirstie Alley.

5. The guys from Weird Science really play the role of the geek. Although I can't blame them for using a computer to try and summon out Kelly LeBrock. The one downfall to this m
ovie is that there was plenty of opportunity for nudity, yet none was ever shown. For a movie like this from the 80's I would have expected some, but it was directed by John Hughes.

4. A big cult followed this movie after its release and it became a great hit. Napoleon Dynamite is the ultimate geek. He is able to use his great dance "skills" to become a legend at his school. Filled with a lot of great subtle humor, it is a great movie for all.

3. You can't think of nerds without thinking of this next movie. Revenge of the Nerds really shows the stereotypical nerd of the 80's. Today nerds and geeks can more safely roam the halls of our high school or college...as they know we can fix their computers and gadgets. Not to mention, we usually make a decent amount of money for our knowledge. Filled with great geek humor, and of course boobs, this movie is great 80's fun.

2. This movie really got me interested in computers and what I could do with them. Although it is made in 1983, it is still a great movie even though the technology is dated. This was back in the day when a hacker was a true hacker and not a script kiddie. All in all, this movie made me want to become a nerd. WarGames is an excellent geek movie, which is why is it number two on my list. Matthew Broderick plays a nerd who stumbles upon a government computer with his modem and gets into some highly classified trouble. This is a great movie for all.

1. After watching WarGames and essentially becoming the geek I am today, I stumbled across my number 1 movie. This, I decided, was what I wanted to ultimately do with my skills. I wanted to overcome any obstacle, have plenty of smart nerdy friends, and use the newest technology. While I may have fell a bit short with my goals, this is exactly what goes on in Sneakers. A group of nerds go after a corporation that has technology that could be used for the wrong purposes. In the process they show some great innovation and interesting technology that made me want to follow in their steps.

Well folks, that was my top 10 geek movies. Did I miss one? Let me know if you think there was one that should have been on my list!

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