08 December 2007

Car Disabling Device Could End Chases

A new device created by Eureka Aerospace could end car chases as we know them. In work since 2003, the High-Power Electromagnetic System (HPEMS) uses microwave energy to disrupt a car's electrical system, causing it to shut down.

The military could also be interested in this technology as it could help with vehicles charging checkpoints. This device would enable the soldier to disable the vehicle without harming the occupants.

Currently the prototype is 5 feet long, 3 feet wide and a foot thick; it also weighs a hefty 200 pounds. The max range is around 50 feet, but the developers are looking to increase the range to 600 feet as well as reduce the size to something that resembles a plasma TV.

Mounted in either a police vehicle or helicopter, the HPEMS device could really save lives and stop criminals before they get too out of hand. Sometimes car chases are fun to see on the news, but many lives are at stake and held in the balance of the one who is driving. This device will give the authorities a safe alternative to bumping the car to stop it, keeping everyone safe.

Eureka Aerospace is also developing a perimeter defense system that will disable vehicles up to 5 kilometers away. This could be used in many applications that require vehicles to remain at distance. Base security, refueling operations, and stealth operations.

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