24 September 2007

Wii Zapper

Ever since I was little, I was brought up with guns. On my tenth birthday, I received a BB gun. On my sixteenth birthday, a small gauge rifle was my present. I never grew up to be a serial killer, nor an armed robber. True, I was taught the proper way to handle a gun, and the safety involved with it. It seems now that some parents are in outrage over a new attachment for the Nintendo Wii called the Zapper.

Now this little piece of plastic, when aimed at your TV screen will simulate a gun. It will be used for certain games to emulate a gun. This is what has parents in an uproar. They believe that this will increase gun violence in children. First of all, most of the games that will be using the gun will be either rated Teen or Mature, which means that most of the kids will be old enough to know the difference between real and fake. It is also up to the parent to be involved (*gasp*) and let the child know that there is a difference.

Why do some people think that the government should help protect their kids from things that parents should be doing in the first place? The first Nintendo console that came out also had an attachment known as a Zapper. It was my second gaming console (after the Atari), and I was younger at the time, so I don't know if there was a big deal made about the use of a toy gun in a game. I really doubt it. But in a time of school violence and lack of parental involvement in children's lives, parents are wanting the government to control their lives and teach their children.

I found a blog from a New Jersey newspaper that states that they had plenty of response that said that the Zapper should be banned. From the comments I was reading on the blog, I found plenty of support for the Zapper and hardly any condemning it.

Grow up parents! Learn to be a better parent.

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