19 September 2007

U.S. Woman advance to quaterfinals

The U.S. Women's World Cup Soccer team advanced to the quarterfinals last night on an early goal. With only 55 seconds expired on the clock, the U.S. jumped ahead of Nigeria on a goal by Lori Chalupny. This goal was enough to hold the lead for the rest of the match and give the U.S. women a spot in the quarterfinals.

The U.S. team had not been playing well up to the game versus Nigeria. Although Nigeria finished last in the division and is eliminated from the competition, the U.S. showed significant improvement over their previous matches.

By winning their division, the U.S. has avoided playing Germany in the quarterfinals, and will instead compete with England. Both teams have struggled through the tournament, but the U.S. looks to have improved and should hold out over the Brits.

The match begins on Saturday at 7 a.m. CDT and will be broadcast on ESPN2.

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