23 January 2008

Get Your Money From Congress

You could soon be receiving a rebate check from the government worth $300 to $800 a person. With the economy sinking faster everyday, the government is looking for a way to spur a turnaround. Along with rebate checks, President Bush also favors tax breaks for businesses.

There are many people out there that believe that this is an ineffective patch to the problem at hand. The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review puts it bluntly, "Tax rebates, however, don't stimulate the economy. Cutting tax rates does". Becky states in her blog Just a Girl in short shorts, "Now, what would make a difference is if the government were to quit pocketing one third of our income, or at least knock it down in a meaningful way."

While I feel the rebate checks will undoubtedly be welcomed, I don't think it will help jump start our economy out of a recession. I believe that what ever positive spike in the economy is felt, it will be short lived and we will be back where we started.

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