04 February 2008

Double Dipping Bacteria

Clemson University professor, Paul L. Dawson, was intrigued by the "Seinfeld" episode in which George Costanza explodes into a diatribe about double dipping. So, he conducted a study where volunteers double dipped into various dips.

In my opinion the results were amazing. By double dipping, over 10,000 bacteria were introduced into the dip. I've never been a fan of double dipping, but if I am sharing something with my wife or other close family, it doesn't bother me as much.

But be warned germophobes! Bacteria could be lingering in the dip at the next party you attend!


Andy said...

I guess it would depend on whose party it was. If we're talking swapping mouth bacteria with a supermodel that's double dipping...I don't know, need to ponder that further.

Let's say that you could tell that all 10,000 bacteria were identical to the bacteria in your mouth, no difference. With that in mind would you still hesitate to double dip with a stranger?

Rizzo said...

Very true...but there probably isn't a timely way to figure out what bacteria are present...

I still think it's gross. :D

GenesisCEO said...

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