19 January 2008

More Women Bisexual Than Previously Thought

According to the January edition of Developmental Psychology, more women are bisexual than previously thought. Many researchers believed that bisexuality was more of a "phase" and that women grew out of it. This most recent research shows that bisexual women retain their attraction for both sexes over the years.

Personally, I can completely understand how a woman could be attracted to both sexes. Women are all around beautiful and can make an deep emotional connection. While being attracted to a male might represent security or submissiveness in some cases. Of course, one could see those same attributes in the opposite sex, that is what makes everyone different.

I also think there are probably more women out there that are bisexual that either don't want to admit it, or they are unsure because the thought of being bisexual is social unacceptable in most cases.

Source: USA Today

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