29 August 2007

15 year old girl gets new chance at life

A 15 year old Canadian girl recently got a new chance at life. Last year she became suddenly ill and required a heart transplant. Since she is still a teenager, they placed an artificial heart within her especially designed for children, named the Berlin Heart.

The artificial heart was to give her body more time to wait for a transplant heart. After 146 days, she received a surprise when she was told that her heart had repaired itself as it was able to rest and rebuild with the artificial heart in place.

"We thought the miracle was that the Berlin Heart would give us time to find the perfect donor heart for Melissa," said her mother, Sharon Mills, in a release. "We are overwhelmed that instead, the Berlin Heart gave her own heart time to rest and repair itself."
Since her heart had repaired itself, the doctors performed another surgery to remove the artificial heart.

I think this is just a wonderful story. It's nice to see good news for a change. I just hope this girl's heart is able to stay healthy. I don't know how I would feel if this were my daughter. I would be elated, but at the same time, I think I would be worried that it could happen again. Hopefully she is able to stay healthy.

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