29 April 2007

Urban Legends

Why do people find it alluring to pass on silly urban legends? I don't know if I would really consider them urban legends really. What I am speaking about are those irksome emails that we all get stating to send this on to twenty people and you'll receive a $25 gift card, or various things of the sort.

One I just ran across today was a blog entry telling everyone not to pump gas on May 15th. It stated that in 1997 a similar attempt was made and the next day gas dropped 30 cents a gallon. It is a nice story, but not true.

There are plenty of debunking sites out there that will confirm or deny these rumors that float around. And it only takes a few seconds to check them out. Just so everyone that is reading is aware, you cannot make money, receive special gifts, or save the world just by forwarding an email.

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