26 April 2007

Helmet Laws

One thing I never could understand is why certain state governments require motorcycle riders to wear helmets. For that matter, why is it mandatory to wear seat belts? It seems that some states are thinking of repealing laws that require helmets to ride. Missouri is one of the most recent to consider this change.

I suppose this is where my libertarian viewpoint shows through. I don't believe that the government should impose rules on us that affect our lives. If someone chooses to ride without a helmet and dies, then that is for their family to deal with. The government should not have control of my life. I'm sure insurance rates are a bit higher for those who do not wear helmets; then again, maybe the insurance companies don't ask.

I can understand the requirement for minors to wear helmets. But once the person is of the age to make decisions on their own, I believe the choice should be theirs. This could be debatable by some, but I believe that minors should have to wear helmets.

This same argument could be applied to seat belts. Does the government gain anything by requiring seat belts? Maybe there is something I'm missing, but to me, it doesn't seem like there would be much reason to require helmets or seat belts.

Hopefully more states will wise up and give the power back to the people...where it belongs.

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