15 June 2008

Deployment Donut

There are some of you out there that serve our great country and have to leave home anywhere from a couple of months to over a year. In the time that I have deployed, I saw a great tracker of the time. It is called a Deployment Donut. Some have referred to it as the Donut of Misery or some other depressing term.

For those spouses that remain home and in charge of everything while their significant other is away, it can be hard. The Deployment Donut is a tracker to remind (sometimes painfully if a long time is left) how much time is left in the deployment and how much in per diem and family separation pay has been made.

I have created a Deployment Donut for those who would like to use it. It is a bit more decorative than the others that I have found out there, yet simple in nature. I hope you like it and I would appreciate any comments if this helps you!

Deployment Donut Download

Thank you to all who have served and supported our Armed Services!

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