25 November 2007

Missouri beats Kansas

There are plenty out there that don't know much about the Missouri-Kansas rivalry, but it is the second oldest rivalry in the country. This year it couldn't mean more; Kansas is ranked #2 and Missouri is ranked #4. The winner of the game would become the Big 12 North Champion, proceed to the Big 12 Championship versus Oklahoma and be one win away from a National Title game.

For Missouri, Quarterback Chase Daniel racked up 361 yards passing and completed 40 of 49 passes. The Heisman trophy hopeful did not seem to be bothered by the stakes of the game and dominated the Jayhawk defense. Kansas, who had only seen one ranked opponent in #24 Kansas State, was not prepared for the high powered Missouri offense.

Missouri's defense showed signs of fatigue during the second half as the Jayhawks were able to come within six points before a safety with twelve seconds left, sealed the fate of the Kansas hopeful.

Now Mizzou must contend with West Virginia for the #1 ranked spot. Many say that #3 (BCS) West Virginia will jump to the #1 spot after the LSU and KU loss this week. The BCS standings are released Sunday and we will see who has come out on top.

Bot West Virginia and Missouri have faced four nationally ranked teams this season and each has lost one of those contests. Out of West Virginia's schedule, no team has been ranked higher than #18, while Missouri's schedule boasts two top 10 teams. West Virginia's only loss was to #18 South Florida, which is the highest ranked team they have faced. #2 Kansas just dropped to Missouri, giving Missouri a win over a top 5 ranked team.

As a fan of Missouri (Go Tigers!), I would like to see Mizzou in the #1 spot. Fanhood aside, I still believe that Missouri should be the top team in the BCS as they have faced two top ten ranked opponents and defeated one. West Virginia has yet to play a team in the top ten (and will not) in the regular season. I don't see how West Virginia can take advantage of the #2 Kansas loss to #4 Missouri.

Since #1 LSU lost to unranked Arkansas, that left that slot vacant for one of the teams below them. Then #2 Kansas suffered the same fate to #4 Missouri. Since Missouri was the team to defeat Kansas, they should leapfrog West Virginia and take the #1 spot. The BCS calculations had West Virginia edging out Missouri by .0171 last week, so I can't see West Virginia staying on top over Missouri.


theproprietor said...

As a result of the Missouri win over the Kansas Jayhawks, the team in gold and black will move on to face the Oklahoma Sooners in the Big XII Championship Dec. 1 in San Antonio.

Now, in Columbia and elsewhere throughout the Show-Me State, Tigers fans are excited about three things:

-- A chance to even the score with the Sooners after losing 41-31 in an Oct. 13 battle in Norman;

-- A shot at winning their first Big XII Conference title; and

-- An opportunity to play in the BCS Championship Jan. 8 in New Orleans.

Before they get too excited about their prospects, however, Tigers fans need to remember one thing: M-I-Z-Z-O-U ends in OU

Enough said. BOOMER SOONER!

Rizzo said...

Hehehe. I love a little bit of friendly competition. Sorry I didn't get to the comment a bit earlier, but I have been a bit preoccupied.

I don't doubt that OU is a great football team, but Mizzou is no slouch either.

Even though the Sooners have taken care of the Tigers in recent history, I feel that MU can really take charge of this game, especially since we were almost able to do so the last time we met and probably would have done so if we had not shot ourselves in the foot with turnovers.

I know it will be a great game and I will be proud of my Tigers regardless of the outcome. Stop by and leave a comment after the game, I'd appreciate it!