07 May 2007

Greensburg, KS Tornado

The town of Greensburg, KS is located just over 100 miles west of Wichita on Highway 54. On the night of May 4th, the residents of the town were slammed by a tornado rated as an EF-5. The Enhanced Fujita Scale represents a scale of the strength of tornadoes. The enhanced scale was implemented just this year and is a revision of the original Fujita Scale which was developed in 1971. The tornado that ravaged Greensburg is the first recorded EF-5 tornado.

Officials estimated that over 95% of the town was destroyed with ten deaths recorded so far after the town received winds in excess of 200 mph. The Kansas National Guard was sent in to provide security and now has 40 soldiers and 12 airmen providing security. Unfortunately, four soldiers from Fort Riley were caught looting from a store in the town. Those soldiers have been detained and will be administered their punishment at a later date.

Today was the first day the residents of Greensburg were allowed back into the town. Most all did not have much to come back to as the town was almost completely destroyed. As such, Governor Kathleen Sebelius requested a federal Disaster Declaration from the President and it was granted yesterday.

I can't imagine what it would be like to suddenly lose my home and my possessions. I'm not saying that I treasure these things above my life, but it still brings you to a very low point. These residents have been left with nothing but memories as they didn't have time to prepare for this disaster.

Please keep your thoughts and prayers with the residents of this small town. Pray for their strength, comfort and support. They have gone through a lot and can use all the support they can get. If you are looking to help support the effort, there are a couple of agencies that can assist you.


American Red Cross

KWCH (numerous listed)

God bless all of those who have been affected by this tornado and I pray for you.

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Unclebeer said...

And to make matters worse, those who have lost everything are now being disarmed by the very people who are supposed to be helping to protect them. Illegal search and seizure, and illegal confiscation of registered (& unregistered) firearms is occuring, which means the next time a lotter shows up with a butcher knife or a mac-10, the decent law abiding citizen has no way to protect himself.